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Cyber Security Services

Improve your security posture


Technology is always changing, from the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) to the preference for Software as a Service (SaaS) over internal, more traditional applications.Additionally, as technology change, so does the danger environment. However, many businesses make technological changes without the help or direction of IT, information security, risk, or procurement experts. As DeTaSECURE, we serve as the dependable go-to partner for our clients, delivering cutting-edge knowledge of the current threat scenario. Whether you need help with Penetration Testing, Analysis of Data breaches, Virtual CISO Services, or 24x7 network security monitoring, let us operate as an extension of your team.

Our essential values are straightforward

  • Serve as your program's trusted advisor for compliance and risk.
  • Deliver cost-effective technologies to lower risk throughout the entire organisation.
  • Support IT teams with experienced consulting services.
  • For you, identify threats and take appropriate action.
  • Bring leadership in information security to businesses of all sizes.

1. Application Security Program

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2. Network Security Program

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3. Web 3.0 Security

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4. Data & Asset Protection

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5. Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Program

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6. Attack Path Modelling

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7. Trainings & Awareness

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8. Cloud Security

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